Once Upon a Time in the West

Not much goin’ on in Spring 2020 ( Edit-Edit : nor in Spring 2021 ! ). So I inserted this 15 year old photo reminding me of better times ..

Some day the World probably will return to normal again. So that we again can explore the  World. ( Edit Oct 2021 : The World is finally opening, just a little ).

Meanwhile, I have uploaded two posts about how I manage my knowledge documents. Which may be an inspiration for others on how to -try- to stay sharp.

The documents relate to :

  • How to organize my documents, primarily PDF’s, so that I can find the information I need. Short of a standard tagging concept for documents then it is important how documents are named and how they are organized in meaningfully named folders. I have made a post describing my system.
  • Using an iPad to browse my library of primarily PDF but also other types of documents. The iPad poses a challenge as Apple didn’t foresee this use of a tablet and didn’t include a standard file system on the device itself. Ordinary laptops and Android tablets have proper file systems making browsing a breeze, compared to the iPad. But there is a way, and I have described it in a post.

Having used PC’s since the late 80’s, I sometimes do things differently. So triggered by some recent events, I decided to write posts about :

  • How to install four independently installed old Microsoft OS’s on the same laptop drive. I know Virtual PC’s have come a long way towards creating a proper environment where these old OS’s can be installed in an “image” of some kind on a modern computer. But older versions always corrupted their image at some point so I just don’t bother to try to use them anymore for that. Real hardware works and here is how to do it.
  • Apple intends to drop Intel CPU’s and use ARM instead. That will alienate a lot of fine MacBook Pro’s, and I expect the price of the older PC’s will drop. I like using the old MBP’s for Windows 10 as they work very well together. So I thought it would be time for others to get the benefits of the BootCamp concept. Unique to this subject is my description of a configuration procedure where one can get at least two NTFS partitions. The official Apple procedure will only create ( and allow ) one NTFS partition. Having two partitions allows for a shared DATA or MEDIA partition accessible from both Windows and macOS. Using exFAT instead of NTFS gives free write access to the extra partition from both OS’es.
  • And the latest addition is how to install Windows 11 on really old and odd hardware like those still fine MacBook Pro‘s. It is surprisingly easy.